You are invited to the 2023 Shoulder to Shoulder Conference!

In-person Pre-Conference 4-6:30 pm
All Day Virtual Conference 8:45 am-3:45 pm
Cost is $25 for Pre-Conference, $35 for the all-day virtual Conference or attend both for only $50
Register here:

The Sunday Pre-Conference (10/15) will be held at ODHS East Branch, 11826 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR, from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. After a pre-conference reception, there will be a presentation on ‘Staying Connected with Traumatized Adolescents’. Yshai Boussi will present a fun, dynamic session where you will learn the stages of adolescent development and how childhood trauma often impacts that process. More importantly, you’ll learn practical strategies to help these wonderful young people develop more effective coping strategies, resilience, and healthy attachment.

Monday’s virtual conference (10/16) offers four sessions, including the following:

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Ever wonder about ODHS procedures?

If you have ever wondered what the ODHS Procedures Manual has to say about training and support, how to get a temporary certification, getting medical coverage for your foster child, and other questions, here’s your chance to satisfy your curiosity.

The manual is long (1972 pages) but you can find most topics with a quick review of the 11-page Table of Contents. Or you can simply click Control F and put your keyword in the box that shows up on your screen.

Find the manual at: <>


New Law (SB 819) affects Students with Disabilities

SB 819, signed into law on July 13, 2023, represents a significant transformation in the structure of Abbreviated School Day Program Placements for students with disabilities in Oregon. This law repeals ORS 343.161 and establishes a new framework, emphasizing meaningful access, updated definitions, informed consent, regular meetings, and increased accountability.

Key Highlights of SB 819
  • Meaningful Access: Students with disabilities must have access to the same number of instructional hours as other students in their resident school district.
  • Updated Definitions: The bill broadens the scope of comparison for instructional hours and updates the definition of “student with a disability.”
  • Informed and Written Parent Consent: Schools must obtain consent from parents or foster parents before placing a student on an abbreviated school day program.
  • Regular IEP/504 Meetings: Regular meetings are mandated within specific timelines to review the student’s placement.
    Increased Accountability and Enforcement: ODE has the authority to investigate complaints and withhold funding from noncompliant districts.

For more information, see: